Payment Acceptance Solutions Designed for Retailers and Restaurants

Retailers and restaurants traditionally operate in a highly competitive, low-margin environment. PNC Merchant Services® offers industry-specific payment solutions that help owners operate their businesses more efficiently and profitably.

By integrating payment processing with your back-office tools, these solutions help streamline operations and simplify management tasks. This frees up more time to focus on what is truly important - your customers.

Product Solutions

Solutions offered by PNC Merchant Services for retail stores and restaurants include:

The Clover™ Station -
The Clover Station is an all-in-one business management tool for restaurants that leverages cloud technology, allowing you to manage key aspects of your business from any location with an Internet connection. With the Clover Station, you can accept payments, have better control over your day-to-day operations and get to know your customers. It is all designed to maximize ease and efficiency, freeing you to focus on what you most enjoy about running your business.


First Data™ Retail Solution -
This helps smaller retailers streamline operations and better manage operations by replacing the cash register with a personal computer at the point-of-sale. It combines robust inventory and customer management software with a First Data payment processing system for big-box capabilities at a small-business price.

    Key benefits include:

    Greater payment flexibility
    Accept all major payment types, including rental and layaway programs. In addition, the First Data Retail Solution also manages inventory tracking, confirms pricing accuracy, and speeds up checkout time with built-in transaction processing.
    Better decision support
    The integrated package of business management software helps you make better-informed business decisions. Check prices, inventory availability and stock location with ease. Identify sales trends in every department and category to optimize stock levels. And create tailored sales programs to drive store traffic.
    QuickBooks integration
    The First Data Retail Solution easily integrates with QuickBooks Pro® 2007 (or higher) software when installed on the same PC.
    Easy-to-use technology
    The First Data Retail Solution is designed to be up and running quickly. Over-the-phone training allows you to ask questions as you become familiar with the system.
    Retail-tested design
    The built-tough hardware is retail tested for optimal performance in demanding locations.


First Data™ Restaurant Solution -
This cost-effective, all-in-one point-of-sale (POS) solution replaces your cash register and payment terminal with a high-performance integrated computer, specialized software and advanced payment processing - everything necessary to manage all aspects of a small to mid-size restaurant.

    Key benefits include:

    Fast transaction approvals
    Most transaction approvals are received in just two to four seconds. When you speed up guest-check processing, you turn tables faster - and make more money.
    Real-time customization
    Automated menu management makes it easy to create, revise and customize menus or pricing for special events or promotions.
    Enhance security
    This PCI-compliant system helps increase security and improve loss prevention. You define security levels for each employee, which can help reduce theft and shrinkage.
    Better decision-making
    Get key operational data through a variety of reports, including job performance, payroll hours, voids, daily sales and more. For instance, you can track sales and ordering patterns by menu item to make smarter purchasing and menu-planning decisions.
    User-friendly, intuitive technology
    This hard-working system was created by restaurant owners, for restaurant owners. You and your staff will appreciate the intuitive, user-friendly operating system.


Point-of-Sale Terminals -
If an integrated point-of-sale (POS) solution is not the right fit your for business, we also offer a full line of POS terminals that are up to the task. Simply swipe your customer's card and the terminal does the rest. Additional functionality lets you turn paper checks into electronic payments. And if your business has you on the go frequently, a wireless device will allow you to process transactions from just about anywhere.


Gift Card Programs -
With gift cards continuing to grow in popularity, generate more revenue for your retail store or restaurant by driving traffic, attracting new customers, increasing sales and building awareness of your brand. With the First Data Merchant Branded Gift Card Program, you can offer your own store-branded gift cards to customers.


This software solution runs on a PC or PC-based POS register platform and provides all the functions of a credit card terminal, with the flexibility and power of a personal computer. Terminal redundancy is reduced, freeing up counter space for more products and POS marketing materials.


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