Payment Acceptance Solutions from PNC Merchant Services

PNC Merchant Services® offers a wide variety of payment acceptance, processing and reporting solutions for businesses in virtually any industry. These include POS devices and systems, a wide selection of POS terminals and PIN pads, secure mobile and online payment acceptance options, check and gift card acceptance options, and specialized POS solutions designed for retail establishments and restaurants.

Point-of-Sale (POS) Systems -- Selecting the right POS system for your business will enable you to accept increasingly popular payment options like credit, debit and EBT payments, as well as take advantage of profitable value-added applications like:

  • Gift and loyalty cards
  • PIN debit cards
  • Check protection services

POS Terminals -- A POS terminal lies at the heart of your POS system. Simply swipe your customer's card and the terminal does the rest. Additional functionality lets you turn paper checks into electronic payments. And if your business has you on the go frequently, a wireless device will allow you to process transactions from just about anywhere.

PIN Pads -- Adding a PIN pad to your terminal will allow you to easily process PIN debit cards and EBT transactions, along with a wide variety of advanced payment devices, including chip-and-PIN cards, smart cards, contactless cards, mobile phone payments and key fobs. With consumers embracing mobile and contactless technologies, you'll want to be able to offer alternative payment types like these.

Mobile Payments -- Businesses like HVAC, plumbing, floral delivery and PC repair usually collect customer payments out in the field, not in a store location or office. With mobile solutions, businesses can use their smartphones as card processing devices that perform the same functions as a traditional wireless terminal.

Gateway Solutions for eCommerce and Mail Order/Telephone Order (MOTO) -- Gateway solutions enable eCommerce and MOTO businesses to process credit card transactions on their website or over the phone via a secure gateway. Money earned from online or MOTO orders is deposited directly into your merchant account, and you gain immediate access to credit card authorizations, check payments and real-time transaction reports.

TeleCheck -- Many consumers today still prefer to write checks for purchases, rather than use plastic. TeleCheck converts your customers' paper checks into an electronic ACH transaction, so you can feel more secure about accepting checks. This helps provide peace-of-mind against fraudulent and returned checks by combining the industry's most sophisticated check acceptance risk management system with a warranty service option for returned check liability.

Gift Card Programs -- With gift cards continuing to grow in popularity, generate more revenue for your business by driving traffic, attracting new customers, increasing sales and building awareness of your brand. With a First Data Merchant Branded Gift Card Program, you can offer your own store-branded gift cards to customers.

Instead of leaving your business to shop around, an undecided gift buyer can purchase a gift card. Many times, that gift card recipient will be a new customer who has never visited your establishment. In addition, studies show that most consumers spend more than the value on their gift cards when they redeem them.1


1 First Data Corporation. 2010 U.S. Gift Card Consumer Insights Survey. March 2011