TransArmor® Solution: A Comprehensive Security Solution

Many cybercriminals view small businesses as vulnerable, prime targets. In fact, small merchants account for more than 80% of data security breaches, according to a Visa analysis.1

To protect themselves and their customers, small merchants need a cost-effective, easy-to-implement solution that improves security at every transactional stage.

This is precisely what the First Data TransArmor® Solution is designed to do.

The TransArmor solution encrypts sensitive cardholder data while it is in transit from your Point of Sale and removes it from your processing environment. Data is protected at every stage of the transaction: while it's in transit, in use and at rest.

The benefits of the TransArmor Solution to your business include:

  • Easy implementation. As a service-based solution, it is embedded in your point-of-sale processing system. No changes are required to your back-end systems, and it may work with your existing point-of-sale hardware.
  • Reduce fraud risk. Instead of storing cardholder data, a randomly generated number called a token is used. This token manages chargebacks, returns, recurring payments, sales and marketing reports, and more -- but it can't be used to conduct a fraudulent transaction outside of your systems.
  • Additional protection against penalties and reputation damage. Data security breaches can result in significant financial penalties, damage to your business' reputation and reduced customer loyalty.
  • Address PCI DSS compliance requirements. The TransArmor solution removes sensitive card data from your processing system and replaces it with a randomly generated token.


1 Visa® "Drop the Data" Web Site, 2009

TransArmor is a registered trademark of the First Data Corporation in the United States and other countries.