A Merchant's Guide to (Minimizing) Fees

Let's face it: nobody likes fees. But the reality is that payment processing involves a sometimes bewildering array of fees and charges. The good news? By following some basic best practices, merchants can minimize or avoid many of these fees and enjoy the best rates possible.



Levels of Data: Match Data Level to Merchant Need

Different levels of data must accompany different types of credit and debit card transactions for verification and authorization. Learn more about the three data levels, which types of data are included with each, and the types of merchants that generally require each level of data.

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Credit Card Surcharges: "Cash or Credit" Takes on New Meaning

In one of the largest antitrust settlements of its kind, merchants may add a surcharge for certain credit card transactions, effective 1/27/2013. However, merchants who elect to surcharge customers must follow appropriate disclosure and other requirements agreed to as part of the settlement.

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