EMV Is Coming: Are You Prepared?

It is acknowledged within the payments industry that chip-based payment standards can help significantly reduce credit and debit card payment fraud.1 However, there was little interest among most stakeholders in the U.S. in converting our payment system to a chip-based standard. Until now.

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Protect Stored Cardholder Data With Tokenization

Businesses that process recurring payments from customers each month face a challenge when it comes to protecting their customers' sensitive payment information, and are understandably cautious about storing this information in their own systems due to the risks of cyber-theft and costly data breaches.

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How to Avoid Processing Downgrades

Most merchants are billed under a 3-tiered pricing schedule for card processing. At the top of the tier is the "Qualified Rate." Transactions that deviate from this may be "downgraded" to either a Mid-Qualified Rate or a Non-Qualified Rate, both of which incur a greater cost of processing and, thus, a higher rate to you, the merchant.