What To Do Now to Prepare for the Holiday Shopping Season

For many retail businesses, the holiday shopping season will be crucial to their success for the entire year. They depend on increased sales and profit during the holidays to push them into the black for the year. The good news is that National Retail Federation is forecasting a 5% increase in overall holiday sales this upcoming season, and a 15% increase in online sales.

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Merchant Phishing Attacks:
Don't Fall for the Bait!

When it comes to a particularly insidious form of cyber crime known as "phishing," the tide has definitely turned. Until recently, it was uncommon for scammers to target merchants. But cybercrime gangs - many of them based overseas - are honing in on merchants like sharks closing in for the kill. The reason is simple: Unlike an attack against an individual, a successful attack against your merchant processing accounts could yield transaction details of all the cardholders who have done business with you - a big catch indeed.

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A Primer on Card Verification Procedures

Despite efforts by major credit card processors and financial institutions to stem the tide of losses, credit card fraud remains a serious problem - not only in the U.S., but all over the world. Two measures that have been adopted by the payments industry to help combat credit card fraud are Card Verification Value and the Address Verification System, or CVV and AVS, respectively. While these anti-fraud measures have been in place for some time, there is often still some confusion among merchants when it comes to how and when each measure is used.