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Human Resources Development Program

Human Resources (HR) provides expertise to business leaders and employees. From recruiting talented individuals to learning and development, Human Resources delivers results through our best asset - people.

This program is designed for new HR employees to gain in-depth knowledge of each of our areas of expertise by understanding the whole of our HR model. You will learn how various HR functions are interrelated, how to view HR through the eye of the customer and how to measure success through business outcomes. As you build networks across PNC, you will learn to apply your newfound knowledge in support of the enterprise while gaining awareness of HR's significant impact.

The HR Development Program consists of 12-24 months of rotational assignments, shadowing experiences, blended learning opportunities, and mentoring. This is also an opportunity to discover self-awareness strategies for collaborating with others and to demonstrate high performance.

Candidate Snapshot

You might be interested in the HR program if you enjoy establishing courses of action, working with people to optimize their potential, and if you draw energy from collaborating with those around you. Major areas of study may include Human Resources Management, Labor and Industrial Relations, or Business Management.

Learning & Development

The HR Development Program curriculum includes:

  • Competency Development - Helps develop skills in support of HR competencies.
  • Relationship Building - Networking opportunities structured to create immediate and future relationships.
  • Rotations - Specific system and functional training.
  • Learning Labs - HR information-sharing allowing different departments to learn from each other.

The remainder of your training will be conducted on the job, guided by your program manager, line of business managers and broader teams in the lines of business.

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