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Internal Audit Development Program

Internal Audit helps the PNC Board of Directors and executive management accomplish their objectives by providing insight and ideas to ensure the performance of internal control systems. The department's goals are to manage risk, provide opportunities for corporate and shareholder growth, and demonstrate a superior level of customer service.

This 12-month program will present you with challenging assignments and exposure to different areas of the corporation. You'll experience the importance of employee engagement and participate in activities to gain knowledge and demonstrate the PNC brand throughout your training.

Candidate Snapshot

Internal Audit could be a good match for you if you are interested in working with multiple departments and levels of management while providing value for PNC, shareholders and service partners - all through effective and efficient audit services. Development opportunities for Internal Audit exist in Operations, Finance, Shared Services, Risk, Compliance (including Bank Secrecy Act/Anti-Money Laundering), Credit, and Technology. Major areas of study include Accounting, Finance, or Information Technology.

Learning & Development

The Internal Audit Development Program curriculum includes:

  • Audit-Specific Training - Ongoing instructor-led, web-based and on the job training that supports knowledge of PNC methodology, internal controls, processes, and other facets of the audit function.
  • Introductory Credit Training/Immersion - Seven week course introducing credit risk analysis and an overview of PNC products and services.
  • Sales and Product Training - Two-week course creates an awareness and understanding of sales techniques, team structures and best practices for cross-selling.
  • Three rotations through audit teams such as Risk, Compliance, Operations, and Credit Audit.

The remainder of your training will be conducted on the job, guided by your program manager, line of business managers and broader teams in the lines of business.

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