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Work Environments

Everything at PNC starts with our customers. For more than 150 years, PNC has combined our financial capabilities with our commitment to knowing our customers and understanding their needs, concerns and aspirations. It's this combination of financial skills and customer focus that allows us to make it easier for people to manage everyday banking tasks, and meet their most important financial goals.

Through many of the careers we have available, you will work directly with customers, whether it's at a branch bank, one of our Call Centers or from a regional PNC office. Other positions here support PNC front-line professionals or create and sustain the products, systems and procedures that keep our businesses successful and clients well served.

When viewing PNC's career options, you should consider what size work environment is conducive to your interests. If you are looking for a familiar, intimate setting, you may want to work at one of PNC's thousands of branch banks, each oriented to the community where it is located. If you want the activity and fast-paced nature of a large workplace or team unit then you will find many opportunities in the PNC offices across the country.

No matter which PNC job and location you choose, you can surely find a position that suits your schedule. Many of our careers fit into a standard business-day workweek, while others follow the varied hours of our branches, and some extend into evening and weekends. You can even find a position that is part of a 24/7 workforce that has evening and overnight shifts for people who need "off hours" or flexible schedules that fit their home lives.

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