Life Insurance: Protection for Your Family and Your Legacy

When it comes to insurance, it's important to understand your options so that coverage is in place for you and your family before a time comes when its most needed. Life stages or life events such as marriage, becoming a parent, home ownership, changing jobs, or approaching retirement may indicate a need for reevaluating your insurance needs.

Insurance plays a key role in a well-balanced financial plan because your traditional savings and investment accounts may not meet all of your needs. At PNC Investments, we take the time to understand your family's financial goals. We then evaluate the role that insurance can play in meeting those goals, whether it is survivor benefits in the event of an untimely death, income benefits when you reach retirement, or benefits to cover long-term care services. Our PNC Investments professionals are ready to help you find the coverage that suits your personal situation.

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Types of Insurance

Life Insurance

For all types of life insurance, any guarantees are dependent upon the claims-paying ability of the issuing company.

Life Insurance can be broken down into two general categories: Term Life and Permanent Life. Both varieties of coverage can provide your named beneficiary with a death benefit in the event of your passing. However, there are some key differences between the two categories that warrant consideration.

Term Life
  • Provides coverage for a set period of time (referred to as the term)
  • Terms can range anywhere from 1-30 years
  • Should you pass away during the term, your beneficiary will receive the policy's death benefit
  • Depending on your specific policy, your coverage may be renewable at the end of the term, or the policy may simply terminate
Permanent Life
  • Offers protection for your entire life as long as you continue to pay the premium required to keep the policy in good standing
  • As policy payments are made, a portion of each payment is placed into a cash value account. The value of this account will generally continue to grow -- tax deferred -- for the length of the policy.
  • You may take loans from the cash value account, however, any unpaid policy loans will reduce the death benefits awarded to your beneficiary.

There are a number of types of permanent life insurance:

  • Whole Life:
    • Pay a fixed premium for the length of the policy
    • The death benefit and cash value are predetermined and guaranteed
  • Universal Life:
    • Make premium payments at any point, in any amount, as long as the policy expenses and cost of coverage are met
    • Cash value account grows according to the interest rate, which may vary over time
  • Variable Life:
    • Pay a fixed premium for the length of the policy.
    • Death benefit and cash value will fluctuate depending on the performance of investments in your cash value account.
  • Variable Universal Life:
    • Make premium payments at any point, in any amount, as long as the policy expenses and cost of coverage are met.
    • Death benefit and cash value will fluctuate depending on the performance of the investments in your cash value account

Long-Term Care Insurance

Though not technically a form of life insurance, long-term care insurance is often purchased alongside life insurance or included in life insurance policies as a rider (an addition or endorsement, which may have an additional cost). Long-term care refers to the ongoing services and support needed by people who have chronic health conditions or disabilities.

Generally speaking, there are two types of long-term care insurance:

  • Indemnity Policies pay up to a fixed amount regardless of what you spend on long-term care.
  • Reimbursement Policies reimburse actual expenses for services received up to a fixed dollar amount on a per day, per week or per month basis. You choose the benefit amount when you purchase the policy.


Policy Review

As with any investment, it's important to consistently monitor your life insurance policy to ensure it's working for you. If you already have life insurance coverage, our financial professionals can review your policy and help you determine if it's still meeting your objectives.

A policy review may reveal opportunities to reduce your premiums or even provide a larger benefit for your current premium. This same review could also reveal whether or not your policy is underfunded, or determine if it's properly aligned with your financial goals. A life insurance policy review can be quick and simple, and can help you confirm you're receiving the best possible value.

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