5 Challenges to Achieving Your Retirement Goals

Thinking about retirement is no longer a future event for many Americans; most of us recognize the need for careful planning throughout our working years. This planning often entails saving and investing with the goals of meeting cash flow needs in retirement, preserving capital and managing risk. But do you recognize the threats you're up against?

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The Elements of a Business Plan for Your Practice

Gain greater control of your future with a blueprint for the present.

Striking out on your own in a private practice or growing the one you have is a challenging prospect. While you can't predict the future, you can plan for it with a well-crafted business plan, which acts as a blueprint for financial and legal planning. Gain greater control of your future with a blueprint for the present. Here's a look at the basic elements.



How to Switch Retirement Plan Providers & Encourage Staff Participation

Tips on selecting a provider who takes a hands-on approach.

If employee participation in your practice's retirement plan is sluggish or if investments are not performing as well as expected relative to benchmarks, it may be time to consider changing retirement plan providers. The conversion process to a new plan provider is fairly straightforward, as long as you select a provider with the experience and capability to efficiently manage the process.