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Our sports & entertainment technology portfolio includes financing for a wide range of sports & entertainment industry participants. We provide customized financing solutions to clients in the broadcast, cable, film, audio and video production, projection, presentation, display and sports facility technology segments of the broadcast, sports & entertainment industries.

Our dedicated sports & entertainment technology professionals understand your need to integrate high definition technology, upgrade to bigger storage systems, facilitate systems integration projects and advance to newer, faster hardware to keep pace with the evolution of technology, management and distribution.

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PNC Equipment Finance sports & entertainment technology professionals are dedicated solution specialists in sports & entertainment equipment financing and leasing. PNC facilitates fast decision-making and funding for equipment and systems as well as technology credit lines from $100,000 to $10 million or more.

We recognize that sports & entertainment-related firms have different financing needs, and we have stacked our resources to support those needs:

Broadcast and Cable: Financing for equipment, technology, systems and software used in television and radio broadcast as well as cable, IPTV and satellite systems.

Film, Audio-video Production: Customer-direct financing for technology and systems used in film audio-video and post production, animation, special effects, gaming development, video production, audio production and recording.

Projection, Presentation and Display: Customer direct financing for equipment and technology used in stadiums, arenas, auditoriums, churches, convention centers, hospitality, corporate boardrooms, theaters, digital display networks and government facilities.

Sports & Entertainment Finance

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