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Economic Reports

Analysis and forecasts of national, regional and global economic and financial trends provided in a variety of publications.

National Economic Outlook
Published early each month, PNC's National Economic Outlook provides analysis and forecasts of key U.S. economic variables, such as real GDP, interest rates, inflation, income, employment, industrial production and house prices.

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View archived reports - January 2013, November/December 2012, October 2012
Economic Releases
Market Expectations Survey
Published bi-weekly on Fridays, PNC's Market Expectation Survey lists the current consensus forecast for key economic data releases for the upcoming week, as well as PNC's own forecast for each item. On the second page, we provide a comprehensive calendar that lists recent data for key economic indicators.

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Regional Economic Reports

Published quarterly, PNC's Regional Economic Reports provide analysis and forecasts of key economic and financial trends in the 33 major market areas within PNC's core retail footprint.

Forecast Summary and Regional Report Information as of First Quarter 2013
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International Economic Reports

PNC's International Economic Reports provide analysis and forecasts of economic and financial trends and exchange rates in PNC's focus international economies: Canada, China, European Union, India, and Latin America.

Forecast Summary and Regional Report Information

Brazil Update - August 2012
Canada Update - June 2012
China Update - October 2012
Euro Zone Update - December 2012
Exchange Rate Forecasts - October 2012
Global Commodity Price Update - September 2012
India Update - December 2012
Japan Update - January 2013
Mexico Update - August 2012
U.K. Update - September 2012

Household Economic Stress Index
PNC's Household Economic Stress Index is a proprietary index that measures the economic stresses that households face. Index values are calculated for the U.S. The Index values for the 27 major market areas within PNC's core retail footprint can be found in our Regional Economics Reports Summary Table.

View the Fourth Quarter 2012 Report
PNC Small Business Outlook Survey
Published semi-annually, PNC's survey of small and mid-size business owners' expectations for their own businesses' performance, and their outlook for the national and regional economies are described in detail (available in April and October).

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