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Press Kit: Study of Early Childhood Education - Who's Ready For School?

Teachers value listening and sharing skills over academic skills, PNC study finds.

This is the second part of the first-ever PNC Study of Early Childhood Education. This comprehensive survey includes parents of young children along with teachers in pre-kindergarten through third grade. The first part focused on business executives and U.S. Congress. It was commissioned by PNC as part of its $100 million, 10-year investment in school readiness among children from birth to age 5.

Press Release  Acrobat PDF File

Survey Highlights: Home and Classroom-Views of Parents and Teachers (Aug. 2007)  Acrobat PDF File

White Paper: "Investments In School Readiness"  Acrobat PDF File

PNC Grow Up Great Fact Sheet  Acrobat PDF File

The following are downloadable audio sound bites of Eva Blum, director of PNC Grow Up Great, discussing the results of the PNC study:

Eva Blum explains why PNC commissioned this survey.

PNC's Eva Blum reveals the results of the survey.

PNC's Eva Blum details the survey's findings in regards to teachers' thoughts on children's listening skills.

What is Grow Up Great?

Eva Blum discusses how the findings of various demonstration projects has led to an increase in test scores.

Download audio clips of Eva Blum and television b-roll footage relating to the Early Childhood Education study by clicking the following link: Broadcast Downloads

Study of Early Childhood Education - Part One
Business Executives Underestimate Link Between Workforce Quality and Preschool Education, Study Finds; PNC Financial Services Group Reports Public Support Across Income Levels For Government-Funded Preschool

Press Release  Acrobat PDF File

Survey Highlights: Public Policy-Economy, Workforce, Funding (May 2007)  Acrobat PDF File


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