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Personal Finance
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Bill Stone
Economic and Investment Insights
As part of The PNC Financial Services Group, our Wealth Management and Institutional Investment professionals have access to an award-winning economist and a top investment strategist. We factor their insights and analysis into our clients' portfolios. This section features PNC's economic and investment publications, including commentaries, white papers, survey summaries, and reports.
PNC's Investment Outlook offers a thorough analysis of current conditions and trends in the financial markets and economy - and how they affect investors and consumers. Each issue details PNC's short-term and long-term forecasts for various asset classes as well as our strategic and tactical asset allocation recommendations.
PNC's Market Commentary is a flash presentation that uses animation and illustrations to emphasize key investment and economic topics. Investment information comes alive as our Chief Investment Strategist discusses PNC's latest thinking on financial markets and the economy.
In this section, we have compiled a selection of in-depth white papers and brief commentaries on important topics facing investors today.
Stuart G. Hoffman, Chief Economist for The PNC Financial Services Group monitors the key macro-economic factors influencing regional, national and international economics.