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Business Management -

Government Grants for Training Your Employees
Use these strategies to help you find and apply for grants.

How to Choose the Right Retirement Plan Provider
Qualifications to help you offer optimal choices for your employees.

Crafting Better Performance Reviews
Clearly align job behaviors and competencies with company strategy.

Success Factors for Collaborating on a New Venture
How to share resources and foster innovation among different parties.

How to Merge Companies Successfully
Five tips for a seamless integration process.

Should You Buy Your Customer?
Discover the pros and cons you need to know before merging

Do Business Better with Credit and Debit Cards
Accelerate your receivables and keep your cash flow at a steady pace.

Use Kata to Create Change Within Your Organization
Empower employees and achieve goals with a well-practiced routine.

Save Time and Money with Online Banking
The conveniences facilitate cash flow and customer service.

The Security Benefits of Online Banking
Here are a few of ways online banking keeps financial information secure.

Why Online Banking is Good for Business
Increase cash flow, speed up transactions, and more.

The Fun Workplace
Fun doesn't always mean frivolous. These workplaces have learned that happy employees are more productive and engaged.

Assessing the Competition
Do you have your eye on the market? If not, a SWOT analysis is the right start.

Keep Your Best Assets
A smart strategy will help retain talented employees.

Training on a Budget
From discussion groups to games, staff improvement doesn't have to have a high price tag.

The Top 2 Ways to Make Selling More Efficient
The right message and the fastest follow-up make a difference in today's marketplace.

Are You "Brightsizing" Your Company?
Nurturing high-potential employees is important to your company's success.

6 Ways to Accelerate Growth
Unless you know where profits are coming from, you can't develop a strategy to make them grow.

New Hope for Women-Owned Businesses in Government Contracting
The federal government to set aside contracts in 83 industries in which women-owned small businesses are currently underrepresented in the federal contract marketplace.

3 Ways Social Networks Serve You
If you still think social networking isn't 'real' marketing, you may be missing opportunities to make a great impression.

Are You Customer Friendly?
Mobile and cloud-based technologies make customer relationship management increasingly flexible

Make Payroll Simple
Online payroll options can help you increase productivity by reducing the amount of time you spend on this routine task.

Small Innovations Add Up to Big Savings
Encouraging employees to offer suggestions openly creates a culture of innovation.

Manufacturing and PNC's Christmas Price Index
Find out how much the 364 gifts given during the 12 days of Christmas would cost today.

Tips to Help You Manage Cash Flow
Creating a steady flow of funds may help you build your business.

What Languages Do You Speak?
Even in small plants, bilingual management may help a diverse workforce operate efficiently.

Setting Safety Standards
Use these tips to lead your staff in safe habits and adherence to protocols.

6 Pitfalls to Avoid in Lean Implementation
Prepare people for process changes to encourage quick, successful adoption of lean principles.

5 Questions to Ask Natural Leaders
All leaders may not be managers - but managers can help natural leaders develop their skills.

Escape the Improvement Trap (Book Review)
In this new book, the authors look beyond toolsets to define elements of competitive advantage.

Find the Business Model That Works for You
Connect with like-minded, like-sized businesses to find ideas that may help your company grow.

Can Management Systems Help Your Company Grow?
Systems like TQM and Six Sigma have long served as the management framework in large corporations. In a small business, look around before you adopt the latest trend.

Bridge the Shop and Office Communication Gap
An Ohio manufacturer becomes an example to the industry, connecting shop workers to office workers in an innovative new way.

How to Manage Friends
When you've been promoted over - or hired - a friend, it's important to know that your relationship will change. The good news is, that change can be positive for you and your business.

Dealing with Toxic Employees
University of Washington researchers have established that a "bad apple" really does cause team conflict, bad feelings and poor performance. Here are some ways managers can handle the situation.

Leaders Gear Up for Staffing Changes
Correcting trust and transparency issues top the list of steps companies are taking to prepare for staff departures that are anticipated to accompany the strengthening economy.

How Different Are Generation Y Employees?
Today's younger employees have a reputation for entitlement and disloyalty. But research shows that, managed well, these employees are highly loyal and team-oriented.

What a Business Appraisal Can Do for You
As you look to sell your business or create a succession plan, a business appraisal plays a critical role in determining your company's real value. Here is what you should expect to learn - and to do - through the process, including a bonus link to our related podcast: Obtaining a Business Appraisal

Build Your Best Business Plan
Pull together your own team of experts to create a 2011 business plan that makes the most of your resources while setting your company up for growth.

3 Top Sites on Foreign Business Etiquette
Your small business is growing and it's time for in-person meetings with potential suppliers and customers. Who pays for lunch? Is it appropriate to ask about your counterpart's family? These sites will give you an easy way to find the answers and make a good first impression.

Engaging Employees Takes Time and Leadership
When Campbell Soup Company President and CEO Douglas R. Conant joined the company, trust and engagement were measured using a Gallup assessment called the Q12, for the 12 employee engagement questions it asks. And a number of Campbell workgroups were in the bottom quartile of respondents. Under Conant's direction, the New Jersey-based company began a long process of re-engaging employees.

Using a Crisis to Improve Your Business
The awareness that your company is in crisis can create urgency and inspire your employees to pull together. Practice good communication and your team may emerge stronger than ever.


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