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Industry & Commodity Focus -

Notes From the Auto Industry
How have the changes made by large manufacturers affected smaller suppliers?

The Hiring Trend
A year ago, many manufacturers expected to hire in 2011. Did they follow through?

Farm Equipment Markets See Modest Growth in North America 
The year has challenged experts who predicted a weak market for farm machine manufacturers.

How Lean Fits Build-to-Order Manufacturing
Processes that bring efficiency to high-volume manufacturing help custom companies, too.

Cutting Energy Costs in Paper Manufacturing
Process changes and employees' actions reduce energy and offer ideas for other companies.

Small Food Manufacturers Get Support
These resources make getting research and development information easier than ever.

U.S. Department of Defense Metals Sourcing Rule Affects Manufacturers
Bidding for DOD business is challenging, especially when specialty metals are part of the deal.

Opening Doors to Plastics Research and Innovation
As the plastics industry evolves, staying on the cutting edge becomes increasingly critical.

Increased Tire Prices Ripple Across Industries
High rubber costs in 2010 led to losses among large tire manufacturers - and negative effects for smaller companies.

Investments in Machine Tools Increase Need for Skilled Workers
Cooperation, rather than competition, may be the best tactic to provide the number of skilled workers needed by modern manufacturers.

Food Safety Modernization Act
With the advent of electric cars, the needs of the auto industry for components are shifting. Savvy manufacturers may be able to capitalize on these changes to grow business.

New Opportunities for Auto Component Manufacturers
With the advent of electric cars, the needs of the auto industry for components are shifting. Savvy manufacturers may be able to capitalize on these changes to grow business.

What Will E-Readers do to the Paper Industry?
With tablet computing and e-books ranked among the top 5 most challenging technologies confronting the paper industry, it's important to know how these gadgets are altering information delivery.

Plastics Industry Scrambles for BPA Substitutes
As consumers reject this substance, industry leaders are developing a range of safer alternatives to use in food and personal care packaging and storage.

Global Demand Pushes Rubber Prices Higher
Around the world, and especially in China, the demand for rubber products is rising - while natural supplies of the material are threatened. For manufacturers who use rubber, that means prices for materials are likely to rise in the near-term.

Corn and Wheat Markets Hard to Predict for Food Manufacturers
Extraordinary weather situations and futures speculation keep prices a moving target this season for both crops, while bakers appeal for the CFTC to address ongoing volatility in the wheat market.

Automotive Purchasing in the Age of Exotic Materials
Purchasing components that use high-cost materials like palladium is a risky task. As technology becomes more complex, the best automotive purchasing managers will have to become professional market and industry analysts as well.

How Wind Turbines Boost Metalworking Profits
Metalwork is in high demand, helping to build tools for clean energy. While metalworkers are struggling in traditional markets, there is a $3 billion industry with its doors wide open: wind turbine manufacturing.


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