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Industry Focus -

Funding the Firm
Prepare for partnership in advance.

Become an Industry Expert
Position yourself as a leader and gain valuable exposure.

Government Grants for Employee Training
Yes, there are opportunities to get funding for employee training; here's where to look.

Are You Ready to Take on Special Projects?
How to evaluate and execute a job that falls slightly outside of your expertise.

Spotlight on Tax Firms
Five tips to take advantage of the calm before the storm.

Differentiate Your Company
Learn how standing out from the crowd may help your business.

Spotlight on Full-Service Accounting
Grow your firm with innovative service offerings or improved core services.

The Value of Business Valuation Certification
Business valuations offer a revenue-generating option for interested accounting firms.

Becoming an Information Provider
Increasing financial complexities offer opportunities for accountants to build and sell their skills.

Are You Putting Technology to Work?
Learn about new tools that may help you maximize efficiency and expand your service offerings.

Women Who Achieve
CEO of financial counseling firm helps consumers reduce debt.

New Business in the Nonprofit Sector
If you're looking to expand, the growing nonprofit sector may be a smart place to start.

Spotlight on Auditing
New technology is helping auditors work more efficiently while growing their businesses.

Employing Global Insights
Changes in the business environment open new opportunities for accounting firms willing to work across borders.

Spotlight on Bookkeeping
Bookkeeping may sound staid, but it's an industry that continues to grow. Find out how to increase your market share in this growing industry.


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