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It's not easy to start or run a business.

And women who start and run companies, regardless of the company's size, often face obstacles that men don't. That's why we offer PNC-Certified Women's Business Advocates (WBAs) -- banking professionals who understand the pressures, challenges and opportunities for women business owners and female executives.

WBAs are our way of communicating our intent to understand your business, earn your trust and support your company's and your personal financial success.

At PNC, a banker who's certified by us as a Women's Business Advocate is a man or woman who's completed a training curriculum and voluntarily applied for the certification designation. More than 1,200 PNC bankers proudly call themselves advocates.

In addition to their responsibilities as a banker, PNC-Certified WBAs have also committed to hosting or participating in organizations and events in the community that nurture, network and recognize women in business and the causes you care about.

As a result, WBAs are tuned-in to issues that concern you and likely have connections to resources that can be especially helpful to you.

Want to talk with a WBA about your business goals? Tell us a little bit about your business and how we can contact you, and we'll connect you with an advocate close by.

Q&A with a WBA

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