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The Top 2 Ways to Make Selling More Efficient

The right message and the fastest follow-up make a difference in today's marketplace.

To sell your product or services to technical specialists in other companies, begin by speaking their language, where they're looking for you, and then having a process to turn leads into sales.

Hone your message. According to Kerry O'Malley, president of Marketects, Inc., engineers search for solutions to technical problems, make decisions based on facts and want to know features, performance characteristics and technical specs. They respond well to industry jargon, charts, graphs, tables, diagrams, drawings and math.

Look for new prospects at tradeshows, suggests O'Malley. Apply these techniques to improve response to your display:

  • Use great graphic design. Minimize text on displays. Use color. Make your logo visible from a distance.
  • Include trade show plans and booth numbers in ads, emails and on your website.
  • In your booth design, consider how people will enter your space and see your display.
  • Send invitations, email updates and special offers to likely trade show attendees. Distribute press releases to industry publications with pictures of products you'll be featuring.
  • Read the exhibitor manual. Don't miss deadlines. Understand the rules and regulations. Use all the help the show organizers offer you.
  • Make sure your booth staff knows what to wear, what to say, how to behave, how to qualify leads and how to capture leads for follow up.

Have a lead-management plan. Whether it's the leads you capture at a tradeshow or online, you need a process for real people to respond to customer interest in real time, O'Malley says.

Speed is everything. New research shows that contacting potential customers within an hour of receiving an online query is nearly seven times more likely to result in a conversation with a key decision maker than waiting a few hours longer. It's 60 times more successful than waiting more than a day.

Even at a trade show, your customer gets texts and email on a mobile device all day, so don't wait to get back to the office before following up.


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