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Growth and Innovation -

Innovating Your Business Model
Rich Meyer, Purdue Technical Assistance Program
Many companies are starting to think about innovation as it relates to their products or services. Companies also need to think about innovating their business models.

Reigniting Manufacturing Through Innovation
Barry W. Miller, Delaware Valley Industrial Resource Center
Innovation Engineering provides a systematic approach to commercializing new ideas.

Manufacturing Innovation Drives Solution for Talent Crisis
Chuck Hadden, Michigan Manufacturers Association
Innovation is, and always has been, at the core of this extraordinary industry.

Top-line Growth Through Lean Innovations
Robert Loderstedt and Joseph D'Urso, New Jersey Manufacturing Extension Program, Inc. 
Top-line growth is more directly achieved through lean innovations off the production floor.

Growth Through Innovation
Bob Schmidt, MAGNET
Coming up with innovative ideas is hard work, and getting them successfully to market is difficult and always risky.

Product Innovation + Process Innovation = Success
Dusty Cruise, Missouri Enterprise
It is process innovation that often enables a company to make products that meet or exceed customer expectations for quality, cost and speed of delivery.

American Manufacturing: The Next Generation
Petra Mitchell, Catalyst Connection
Today's leading manufacturing companies are a key source of innovation for new products and services, resulting in more jobs and taxable revenue.

When to Innovate
Rich Meyer, Purdue Technical Assistance Program
Sure, innovation is one of the big buzzwords in business today. Everybody agrees innovation is important. Then why are so many companies not doing it?

Lean and Green: How Process Innovation Increases Profits and Improves the Environment
Robert Loderstedt and Joseph D'Urso, NJ Manufacturing Extension Program, Inc.
Managers often use lean manufacturing tools to increase operational efficiency, but they usually haven't fully implemented these tools to also reduce utility usage and environmental impacts.

Michigan's Manufacturing Renaissance
Chuck Hadden, Michigan Manufacturers Association
"Mitten/Michigan envy" is back, with a vengeance. It's been a long, hard road to travel, but Michigan's manufacturing sector has rebounded beyond the wildest expectations of industry experts only a few short years ago.

Leveraging the Many Tools in the "House of Lean"
Dusty Cruise, Missouri Enterprise
Tools and techniques abound in the continuous improvement "House of Lean." Companies of all sizes can harness the power of these tools to identify and reduce waste in their processes.

Executing an Innovation-focused Growth Strategy
Bob Schmidt, MAGNET
When disruption occurs in business, there is a strong tendency for the corporate "antibodies" to attack the disruption, even if the disruption is best for the long-term good of the company and its employees.

Leading Strategic Innovation
Fred Botterbusch, MANTEC
Innovation is proactive change, and leadership is required to overcome the status quo. How can we overcome these "stay the course" tendencies and also drive creativity?


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