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Attracting & Retaining a Talented Workforce -

How the Manufacturing Industry is Growing in Alternative Ways
John Kennedy, New Jersey Manufacturing Extension Program, Inc.
A mantra has maintained itself for decades: "Manufacturing is dead in the USA." The problem is that this statement is "just plain" wrong.

Retain Your Talented Employees by Using Them to Grow
Rich Meyer, PTAP
If you want to retain your talented team members, and make them feel valued, involve them in the company's growth.

Attracting and Retaining Manufacturing Talent
Dr. Judith Crocker, MAGNET
Manufacturers consistently identify workforce issues as one of their top three priorities. Companies, regardless of size, recognize that a highly skilled, qualified workforce is critical to their success.

Why is Continuous Improvement Overlooked in HR?
Kent Keller, PHR, MANTEC
Companies have long embraced continuous improvement methods as a way to improve efficiency and reduce costs in operational areas. Many of them are now finding great value in implementing CI strategies in their efforts to recruit and retain a talented workforce as well.

Managing Millennials: Tips For Today's Supervisors
Eric Joseph Esoda, NEPIRC
Much has been written about how to manage, motivate and reward the next generation of workers--those between the ages of 18 and 35. These workers, commonly referred to as "Millennials," will constitute over 35% of the workforce by the end of 2013 and over 50% of all workers by the end of the decade.

A New Message about Degrees
Brad James, Alabama Technology Network
There are many obstacles facing manufacturing when it comes time to hire new employees. The image of manufacturing, family work experiences and generational differences rank high on the list.

Communicating Opportunities to our Future Workforce
Phil Mintz, North Carolina Manufacturers Extention Partnership
When we speak about careers in manufacturing, we need to also speak about the opportunities available to students with the aptitude to become our mechanical designers and process engineers.

Summer Offers Opportunities to Connect with Students
Chuck Hadden, Michigan Manufacturers Association
May is a great time to focus on talent and work to recruit students to get involved at your manufacturing facility.

Changing the Image of Manufacturing
Jack Pfunder, Manufacturers Resource Center
The future of growing manufacturing will depend on changing the negative stereotypes associated with manufacturing, so that students can be introduced to transferable, family-sustaining careers.

Talent at the Top
Dr. David Boulay, Illinois Manufacturing Excellence Center
Foundational steps of ownership transitions such as estate planning, valuations and exit plans will undoubtedly be handled well. But what about the transition of skills?

Next Generation Manufacturing: Are You Ready for the Future?
Buckley Brinkman, Wisconsin Manufacturing Extension Partnership
Manufacturers must now master all six Next Generation Manufacturing (NGM) elements in order to survive in the future.

Supervisory Training: Sustaining Your Continuous Improvement Gains
Dusty Cruise, Missouri Enterprise
Without skilled front-line supervisors in the plant, it is very difficult to sustain Six Sigma or Lean Manufacturing gains and support a culture of continuous improvement.


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