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Wealth and Values Survey - series of nationwide surveys commissioned by PNC's Wealth Management business to identify attitudes about wealth among high net worth individuals, how it affects their lives and their needs in managing wealth.

Current surveys:
  • February 20, 2007 - Growing Up Wealthy Survey: Spoiled and extravagant or responsible and hard-working? Affluent teens don't fit tabloid sterotype, PNC survey reveals.
  • April 6, 2006 - Health Care Expenses Dampen Hiring and Pay Raise Plans Among U.S. Business Owners; Some Even Plan to Reduce Coverage, PNC Survey Finds
  • Feb. 9, 2006 - This Valentine's Day - Give Your Spouse a Budget ... It Might Save Your Marriage
  • Jan. 23, 2006 - Wealthy, Healthy ... and Worried? Health Care Costs Pose Huge Threat to American Family Assets, PNC Survey Finds

PNC Christmas Price Index - Since 1984, PNC has taken a fun, lighthearted look at the increasing cost of goods and services bought by the True Love in the holiday classic, ?The Twelve Days of Christmas.? This index is released each November.

Healthcare - PNC commissioned an in-depth study of U.S. hospitals and insurance organizations to determine the impact of an outdated healthcare claims and payment process. PNC's findings suggest that correcting inefficiencies noted by both groups could ultimately curb the nation's healthcare costs and improve patient care.

Current survey
  • Mar 22, 2006 - Hospital and Insurance Executives See Significant Opportunity to Reduce Health Care Costs Through More Efficient Payment Process

Global Processing Services - PFPC is a leading provider of processing, technology and business solutions in the global investment industry. This breadth, coupled with our client-centric service model and service delivery options, enables us to create and deliver totally personalized solutions that meet your specific preferences and evolving requirements

One PNC Initiative - One PNC was an employee-driven initiative developed to achieve the following objectives: eliminate unnecessary expenses; accelerate revenue growth; and reallocate resources to activities valued more by customers - making it easy for customers to do business with PNC. As part of the initiative, employees from across the company generated more than 6,500 ideas designed to achieve these objectives. This is evolving into a continuous improvement process with the ultimate goal of making PNC a stronger, more unified and efficient company.

Three PNC Plaza - a new mixed-use high-rise complex featuring office space, a hotel and condominiums. The $170 million complex, to be named Three PNC Plaza, will be located on Fifth Avenue west of the PNC corporate campus in downtown Pittsburgh. The project is expected to help the region attract new businesses, new residents and new jobs. Three PNC Plaza will be designed by the architectural firms of Gensler, based in San Francisco, and Astorino of Pittsburgh. The Oxford Development Company of Pittsburgh will serve as project developer. Demolition of 13 PNC owned properties along Fifth Avenue begins in the summer of 2006 to make way for construction. The new complex should be completed in late 2008.

PNC Grow Up Great - a ten-year, $100 million investment in preparing young children, from birth to age five, for school and life. PNC Grow Up Great is the most comprehensive corporate-based school readiness program in the country. The ultimate goal of the program is to help produce stronger, smarter, and healthier children, families, and communities.

Multicultural Marketing Initiatives - PNC is committed to providing ease and convenience of service to its many diverse customers. To do this, we strive to produce a variety of cultural and language-appropriate materials and programs. In addition, PNC is a progressive workplace with a commitment to diversity within the organization and the community.