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Achievement: More Newly Constructed Green Branches Than Any Other Bank.
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PNC - A Leader In Eco-Friendly Development

Recognizing the importance of wise investments, PNC strives to integrate conservation, including water and energy saving technology, into our building practices. Our nationally recognized commitment to green construction has enabled us to lower costs, increase efficiency and productivity as well as enhance the communities where people live, work and play.

Net-Zero Energy Branch

PNC expects its first net-zero energy bank branch to exceed LEED Platinum certification and produce more energy than it consumes. Upon completion, the branch will feature 211 solar panels, a quarter mile fitness path for the public, water permeable concrete surrounding the property, high-efficiency LED lights and Energy Star appliances. These and other features will yield annual energy savings equivalent to the energy needed to power a 1,600 square foot house for one year.

The Tower at PNC Plaza

PNC plans to build the world's largest green skyrise in Pittsburgh adjacent to its existing three building downtown campus with the goal to design a building that will exceed LEED Platinum, currently the highest possible rating by the U.S. Green Building Council. The Tower at PNC Plaza is planned to be 33 stories and 800,000 gross square feet. The structure will enhance PNC's leading role in constructing buildings that are energy efficient, sustainable and highly efficient, but also provide a first class working environment for its employees and for its customers to do business.

Green Branch®

In 2002, PNC became the first major U.S. bank to apply green building standards to all newly constructed or renovated retail branch offices.

In 2007, PNC Bank extended its leadership in eco-friendly development with the trademark of "Green Branch®" term.

800 17th Street/PNC Place (Washington, D.C.)

Opening in 2010, this high-performing building in the heart of our nation's capital, demonstrates PNC's commitment to the Greater Washington Area and its ongoing leadership in sustainable business practices. The 350,000 square foot building, designed to LEED platinum specifications, houses PNC's new regional headquarters, other office tenants, retail space and parking.

Three PNC Plaza (Pittsburgh, PA)

Opened in 2009, Three PNC Plaza extends the company's downtown Pittsburgh campus and expands upon its award-winning commitment to environmental responsibility and green building practices. Designed to meet LEED standards, the 23-story building is one of the largest environmentally friendly, mixed-used buildings in the United States.

Adjacent to Three PNC Plaza, at the corner of 5th and Liberty Avenues, is PNC Triangle Park. Serving as a gateway to the city's south entrance, this new green space is an 8,000 square foot, pet-friendly park with bench seating and drought-resistant plantings that require little water.

Firstside Center (Pittsburgh, PA)

At nearly 650,000 square feet - the equivalent of 12 football fields - Firstside Center opened in 2000 as the nation's largest corporate, green building. Across the street is PNC Firstside Park, Opened in 2007, it stands on the site of a deconstructed former public safety building for the city of Pittsburgh. The winding paths, benches and numerous trees stand atop 2,500 tons of recycled concrete from the deconstruction.

Green Wall (Pittsburgh, PA)

Emblematic of PNC's commitment to environmental responsibility is the largest green wall in the United States displayed on One PNC Plaza, in downtown Pittsburgh. Not only does the 2,380 sq. ft., soil-based area provide unique public art, but it contributes to energy efficiency on the PNC's headquarters building.