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Supplier Diversity
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Our Commitment a Matter of Policy

PNC is committed to strengthening local communities and businesses in each of the regions we serve. It is our policy to provide women, minority, veteran, and disadvantaged-owned businesses with opportunities to sell value-added products and services (directly and indirectly) to PNC.

Our directory of potential firms includes more than 1,700 minority-owned, women-owned, veteran-owned and disadvantaged business enterprises that supply products and services to the corporation.

All PNC employees with purchasing authority are encouraged to consider minority-owned, women-owned, veteran-owned and disadvantaged business enterprises (MWDBE's) as suppliers and encourage our prime suppliers to do the same.

We expect our suppliers to promote our common goal of inclusion by their own status as a certified MWDBE firm or by direct and joint business relationships with diverse suppliers.

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Supplier Diversity & Development

The viability and growth of local businesses are linked to successful use and development of MWDBE suppliers. Our procurement practices are designed to identify experienced people committed to delivering the service, quality and value that define our brand.

Our Mission and Vision
How We'll Get There

Benefits of Supplier Diversity include:

  • Providing a larger pool of qualified suppliers
  • Providing economic advancement opportunities for MWDBE owned enterprises
  • Offering better value including cost savings and higher quality products and services as a result of increased competition
  • Contributing to market expansion
  • Helping to advance overall economic growth in the communities in which we do business