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Asset-Backed Securities
Putting your assets to work for you.

PNC's Asset-Backed Securities Group provides customized services focused on structuring, execution, placement and administration of securitization transactions. Through securitization, PNC will enable your company to use your assets to obtain debt, equity or hybrid capital financing for increased liquidity, lower financing costs and diversification of your overall capital structure.

Experience You Can Trust
PNC's team of experienced asset-backed securities professionals is dedicated to securitization structuring, execution and administration and is ready to serve your company with innovative solutions that benefit your unique financing needs. PNC has the expertise to execute securitization transactions across a broad range of asset classes, offering a comprehensive solution to your business challenges.

PNC is recognized for its product innovation and financial expertise. Our relationship-oriented approach focuses on offering solutions tailored to the capital needs of your company. PNC will integrate a transaction structure to meet your company's specific objectives, allowing your company to focus on your core business.

Broad Capabilities
PNC is recognized throughout the asset-backed securities market as an experienced and knowledgeable financial services advisor. Selected financing solutions offered to PNC securitization clients include:

  • Securitized Revolving Facilities
  • Customized funding programs that access multiple capital markets, including:
    • Asset-Backed Commercial Paper Market
    • Asset-Backed Term Market
    • Hedge Funds and Private Equity Funds
  • Risk Management and Hedging Products

Many assets that generate predictable cash flows can be securitized. PNC's asset class expertise includes:

  • Corporate Receivables
  • Credit Card Receivables
  • Auto Loans and Leases
  • Mortgages
  • Education Financing
  • Equipment Loans and Leases
  • Structured Funds

Get the Information You Need Today
PNC is here to help you achieve your business goals. For more information on Asset-Backed Securities and Financing, please contact the PNC professionals at 1-877-PNC-IDEA (762-4332).