Corporate & Institutional
Private Placements
Capital sources that give your business time to grow

Insurance companies, pension funds, mezzanine funds, equity funds and trusts are big investors in private placement securities. For companies with an eye on growth, these securities provide stable sources of capital exempt from public registration under the Securities Act of 1933. PNC can help you to access this long-term capital market by arranging fixed income, mezzanine and private equity placements structured to your growth and bottom-line targets.

Fixed-Income Placements

PNC is a participant in the traditional fixed income private placement market. Fixed income placements arranged by PNC include: Senior Secured Notes, Senior Unsecured Notes, Straight Coupon Subordinated Notes and Dividend-only Preferred Stock. From origination to funding, our team works with issuers to manage all phases of these highly confidential transactions. Our clients - a wide variety of first time and repeat issuers -report that PNC adds significant value on both complex and traditional transactions. PNC's placement teams have put together deals with final maturities between 3 and 30 years, fixed rates, flexible covenant structures and low issuance costs that have helped our clients to succeed.

Mezzanine & Private Equity Placement

PNC is one of the few financial institutions specializing in structuring and placing mezzanine and equity. Our Mezzanine and Private Equity Placements Group has raised junior capital for companies in a variety of industries and at virtually every stage of the corporate life cycle. Through our relationships with investors - from angel investors to venture capitalists - PNC has arranged placements that include: Subordinated Notes with Warrants, Convertible Subordinated Notes, Preferred Stock with Warrants, Convertible Preferred Stock and Common Equity. Deals are funded and structured to each client's business plans and projected cash flow. Successful fundings have given our clients the financial and operating flexibility they needed for growth, mergers and acquisitions, as well as re-capitalizations.

Trade On Our Resources and Experience

PNC has the financial strength, talent and technology to meet all your financial needs now and in the future. For more information on our private placement services, please contact PNC's professionals at 1-877-PNC-IDEA (762-4332).