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November 2006 eHealthcare Newsletter
If your physician practice reevaluating its compensation formulas?
Most formulas for compensating physicians were developed before the managed care era and in the last 15 years, the business environment has changed dramatically.

Deborah Wells from the Medical Services Group of Alpern Rosenthal offers her insight on building an effective compensation plan. Read more.

Is there a future for online or ATM-style access to patient health information?
Patients, doctors and hospitals agree: Online or ATM-style access is the smarter way to gain access to health-related information. As with online banking, patients or authorized parties can log-in and immediately access critical health information.
Read more.

Is the price of a medical procedure negotiable?
The insurance companies do it all the time. Now, patients are negotiating with their doctors on the price of everything from elective to critical surgery. Read more.