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Market Matters - Healthcare
Fall 2013

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In this issue:

  • Cybercrime: Commonsense Precautions To Protect Your Organization
    Dozens of botnets have helped thieves heist more than $100 million from the accounts of businesses around the world. Hackers stole more than $1 million from the payroll accounts of a Washington State hospital. Understanding the tools and methods these fraudsters use can help you protect yourself and your organization.
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  • Are Reconciliation Issues Draining the Life from your A/R Staff?
    Help from CAQH CORE Rule 370 is on the way.
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  • CAQH CORE Rule 360 Clarifies CARCS
    These regulations take an important step towards standardizing the content of the 835, making it easier for providers to automate business processes and reduce effort needed for follow-up and secondary billing.
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  • PNC Launches 837 Claims Submission Services for Providers
    Due to today's economic and regulatory pressures, healthcare providers need to identify every opportunity to achieve administrative cost savings. PNC has launched an HCA Claims Submission service to address these challenges.
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  • Latest National Economic Outlook
    PNC's economists publish a variety of reports that provide analysis and forecasts of national, regional and global economic and financial trends.
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