Corporate & Institutional
Market Matters - Healthcare
Winter 2012

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In this issue:

  • Winning Under Reform: Patient Access Strategies to Reduce Financial Exposure and Improve Care
    Top performing organizations have re-aligned processes to identify and manage charity care and eligibility prior to or at the time of service. Most organizations incur the highest amount of denials for errors made at the time of service. Many of these errors can be avoided before the patient arrives for care. Read more.
  • Hedging Basics for Healthcare Organizations
    If you are a healthcare system looking to borrow to fund capital expenditures, you may have exposure to interest rate risk depending on the borrowing structure. By turning to the swap market to manage interest rate risk, you can access the most attractive source of capital and use the swap market to manage interest rate risk. Read more.
  • Mitigating Interest Rate Risk in Your Portfolio
    In response to market dynamics over the past few years, healthcare organizations have been reviewing both their debt and derivative portfolios to identify potential risks and then restructuring to eliminate or mitigate certain risks. Some are realizing benefits from interest rate swaps. Read more.
  • PNC's Electronics Payables Program Streamlines Accounting Operations For Genesis Healthcare System
    Genesis HealthCare System's four-person Accounting Department was searching for ways to make its daily processes more efficient, particularly on the accounts payable side. Staff members knew there had to be a better way to manage the daily grind of processing invoices, cutting checks and maintaining satisfied vendors. PNC proved to have the answer Genesis was searching for; the ActivePay electronic payment program. Read more.
  • Latest National Economic Outlook
    Read more.
  • Is The Economy Feeling The Holiday Spirit? PNC Christmas Price Index Surges 4.8 Percent In 2012.
    Learn more.

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