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Fall 2012

Jeff Felser 

A note from Jeff Felser

Welcome to the fall edition of Payment Solutions News. In this issue, we'll introduce you to Online Paystubs, the latest payroll solution from PNC.

As the name suggests, PNC's Online Paystubs solution allows companies to replace paper paystubs with electronic paystubs available via the web. Companies also can use the online portal to deliver annual W-2 statements to employees. Eliminating paper paystubs and W-2 statements can reduce payroll costs, and also has a positive environmental impact.

PNC's Online Paystubs solution is quick and easy to implement, requires minimal upfront investment and no new technology. In our Success Story, you'll learn how Parkway Electric, one of PNC's Online Paystubs pilot clients, successfully introduced this new solution as part of its paperless payroll initiative.

At PNC, our Treasury Management group is always looking for new ways to help you achieve a more efficient financial future.

Jeff Felser
Senior Vice President

Parkway Electric and Communications Moves To An Eco-Friendly Paperless Payroll System
Parkway Electric and Communications of Holland, Michigan, an electrical contractor specializing in electrical power distribution, communications and controls for new construction and industrial processors, wanted to move to a completely paperless payroll distribution system. Read the full article. 

PNC's new Online Paystubs service can help you move closer to implementing a completely paperless payroll system, while also reducing costs and eliminating resource- intensive tasks. There is no need for printing, stuffing and distributing paper wage statements. Read More.

Learn more about PNC's Online Paystubs solution

Count On PNC to Help You Implement Paperless Solutions
PNC has a full suite of tools to help you manage expenses more effectively and transition forms and expenses from paper to electronic.

  • Online Paystubs
  • Invoice Automation
  • ActivePay Payment Solutions
  • Payroll Cards
  • Purchase Cards
  • Commercial Cards

Contact your Treasury Management Officer to learn more about any of these solutions.

Online Paystubs Make it Easier for Employees to Manage Their Finances
Because they can be accessed anywhere, any time, and on any device, implementing electronic paystubs can lead to more satisfied employees.

Reduce the Cost Of Issuing Paystubs by Up To 88%*

Cost per Paper Paystub   $1.90
Cost per Online Paystub   $0.23  

To see exactly how much you could save, simply ask your Treasury Management Officer to input your payroll information into our Savings Calculator. The officer can give you a specific savings estimate ... on the spot.
*Cost estimate based on a company with 500 employees that issues bi-weekly paychecks.

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