Corporate & Institutional
Collections and Deposits
Benefit from an extensive array of collections and deposit options that can help you track your receivables more efficiently

Wholesale/Retail Lockbox
A wholesale or retail lockbox is a practical solution for companies that collect a large volume of payments from retail or wholesale customers. You can take your receivables management to a higher order with A/R Advantage, a comprehensive suite of innovative services designed to assist you in managing your daily accounts receivable position. Our central processing centers employ advanced technology to speed payment processing and make funds available faster -  all with the ease you've come to expect from PNC.

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)
Moving information electronically can substantially reduce your costs and eliminate some of the errors that can happen with paper-based processing. Choosing PNC to help you implement an Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) is an easy way to accelerate collections and manage your cash flow effectively.

Depository Services
If your business collects a significant amount of cash, we can help you move and manage your currency and coin deposits. Collecting and counting cash can be a time-consuming process. Let us do the work for you, and your staff will be freed up to concentrate on more value-added activities.

Remote Deposit (Deposit On-Site)
PNC's Deposit On-Site Service allows you to easily capture images of consumer and business checks received at your office and transmit these images to PNC for processing and deposit into your PNC account. As a result, you can reduce administrative time and expense associated with deposit preparation activities and consolidate bank accounts from various locations.

For details on PNC's Collection and Deposit services, contact your Treasury Management Officer.