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If your company collects a large volume of customer payments, PNC offers a convenient way to help you process those payments efficiently, get up-to-the-minute data on funds availability, and maximize your cash flow. Our retail and wholesale lockbox solutions make simplifying your accounts receivable administration convenient.

Wholesale Lockbox - A/R Advantage
Our wholesale lockbox solution is designed for companies that have customer relationships nationwide. You can take your receivables management to a higher order with A/R Advantage, a comprehensive suite of innovative services designed to assist you in managing your daily accounts receivable position. This advanced receivables solution accepts paper (check) and electronic (Automated Clearing House, wire and credit cards) payment formats and consolidates them for efficient reporting, cash application and information management.

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A/R Advantage - Remittance on Site
PNC leads the way with new technology that provides companies with the ability to capture check stubs, full-page remittance documents and envelopes right from their office. Remittance on Site (ROS) gives clients the ability to capture and submit images of the checks and the documents they receive, eliminating the need to mail anything to their lockbox.
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National Lockbox Network
A PNC wholesale lockbox solution allows you to channel payments through seven local processing centers, located in Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Cleveland, Dallas, Los Angeles, Philadelphia and Pittsburgh, while receiving funds through one centralized PNC account to facilitate cash flow management. You'll receive consolidated reports on funds availability, and data from each lockbox site will be forwarded in a single transmission. Reduce the time you spend consolidating information from multiple service providers and enjoy quicker availability of funds. Processing customer payments from multiple locations and managing your cash flow just got a whole lot easier.

Retail Lockbox
If your company receives thousands of customer payments, processing those payments and updating customer accounts can be a labor-intensive process. When you establish a lockbox with PNC, your customer payments will be processed through our centers in Atlanta, Charlotte, Dallas, Los Angeles, New York, and Philadelphia. We employ advanced technology to speed processing, and funds are automatically routed into one central PNC account to help you effectively manage your cash flow.

Not only can a PNC retail lockbox save you time and reduce your costs, but it can also minimize remittance float and provide one, integrated image-based stream of cash application data. Moreover, the timely and accurate data we make available online will help you update account records quickly and provide even better service to your customers.

PNC's PayerExpress service provides your company with your own, customized Web site that enables your customers to securely view and pay their bills online. Our knowledgeable staff assists you with developing the Web site and PNC also maintains the site for you.

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Consumer Bill Payment Consolidation
PNC's E-Lockbox Advantage enables you to automate the collection of consumer bill payments with a single transmission, reducing the number of check and list remittances you receive. Electronic data from a single source can help save you time in applying the payment and help reduce keying costs associated with exception checks.
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For details on PNC's Lockbox services, contact your Treasury Management Officer.

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