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Check Reordering

Save Yourself Time with Automatic Check Reorder

If you are signed up for Automatic Check Reorder, you never have to worry about running out of checks again.

PNC will track the number of checks you've written that have cleared your account since your last reorder. About two and a half months before you are likely to run out of checks, we'll notify you that we're about to place a check order. After additional checks are processed from your account, we'll reorder your checks, mail them to you and deduct the cost of your order from your checking account, if applicable.

Should you ever need to change the check design, address, phone number or other check features, you can simply stop into your PNC Bank branch or call 1-888-PNC-BANK.

Order Your Checks Online

If you are not signed up for Automatic Check Reorder and you are a PNC Bank Online Banking customer, just go to PNC Online Banking to reorder your checks.1

If you are not a PNC Online Banking customer, get started now!

Once a customer, let PNC Bank automatically reorder your checks by enrolling in Automatic Check Reorder through PNC Online Banking.

1. If PNC Bank's check vendor does not have a previous PNC Bank check order on file for your account, they are not authorized to accept your order online. In that event, please visit your nearest PNC Bank branch to place your check order. Once re-activated on their system, online ordering will be available for your next order. Check orders accepted from authorized account holders only.


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