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Personal Finance
PNC Integrated Approach

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One of the keys to successful investing is to employ a consistent and disciplined approach to investment decision-making over time.

PNC Integrated Approach is the foundation of our wealth management philosophy. You work closely with a highly experienced advisor who can design a custom-tailored program built to help you achieve your personal financial goals.

Our open architecture platform combines a wide array of investment products, both our own and those of other providers, to offer you the options that are best suited to your needs. From separately managed accounts to individual securities, alternative investments and more, we offer the range of products necessary to create an integrated solution.

Getting to know you and your goals

Our integrated approach begins with getting to know you. Your advisor will arrange an in-depth consultation to develop a deep understanding of your goals and your values. We listen intently to truly understand what you would like to achieve, your relationship to money, your tolerance for risk and the unique circumstances that inform your financial goals. We are focused on developing a relationship that will last and evolve over time. As your circumstances change, we keep in close touch to help ensure that your investment strategy reflects these changes. Hand in hand with your advisor, you will create a personal Investment Policy Statement to serve as a roadmap for your investment strategy.

A customized asset allocation strategy reflects your objectives

Based on your objectives, risk tolerance, time horizon and unique circumstances, we develop a personal asset allocation strategy that will help you work toward your financial goals. We believe asset allocation contributes more to portfolio performance than any other factor, and we use a strategic matching process to help ensure that your asset allocation reflects your investment objectives. We help ensure that your portfolio is suitably diversified among various asset classes, since we believe diversification can reduce your overall portfolio risk.

Every investment option is rigorously screened

Our approach to selecting investments is objective and utilizes an appropriate mix of investment managers, securities and funds selected to fit your customized asset allocation. Each of these solutions is subjected to a meticulous screening process to help ensure that it meets our investment parameters. Subsequent to our initial due diligence, each product or security is regularly reviewed by our analysts to help ensure that screening standards continue to be met.

Your portfolio is regularly monitored

We monitor your portfolio on a regular basis to determine whether changes need to be made in your asset allocation, choice of managers or investment options. Within the guidelines that you and your advisor have established, we tactically allocate your assets to manage risk and capitalize on intermediate term market conditions.

Communicating to succeed

Ongoing and regular communication is the real key to a successful relationship. Not only do we provide regular briefings on portfolio performance and comprehensive account information, but we conduct regular reviews to keep abreast of the changes in your life and help ensure that your Investment Policy Statement reflects your needs. Nothing is more important to us than maintaining the relationship we've built with you and continuing to provide the customized and personal solutions you want. When you succeed, we succeed.

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