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Personal Finance
Certificates of Deposit

For years, CDs have been popular with savers looking for more predictability for their funds. And for good reason. CDs are the easiest way to save if you don't need immediate access to your money. They usually pay you a higher interest rate than a traditional savings or money market account and, generally, the longer the term that you invest for, the higher the interest rate.

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Terms Features Account Type
Range from 7 days to 10 years FDIC Security*

Guaranteed Interest Rate

Wide variety of terms available to meet your needs

Automatic Renewal
Fixed Rate CD
3 months or 12 months FDIC Security*

Guaranteed Interest Rate

Automatic Renewal

No early withdrawal penalty after first 7 days
Ready Access CD
36 months or 60 months

FDIC Security*

Above-market Rates

CD eligible to be called by Bank after 1 year for 3 year term and 2 years for 5 year term 

Callable CD
18 months

FDIC Security*

Rate is tied to 3-month T-Bills, changes quarterly

Variable Rate CD
36 months (3 year CD made up of six 6-month terms) FDIC Security*

Guaranteed Interest Rate

Rate increases every 6 months to predetermined rates provided at account opening

Ability to withdraw funds every 6 months without penalty
Step Rate CD

* FDIC insured up to the maximum permitted by law

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