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Payroll Processing
Smart, Fast, Affordable Employee Payroll. Handling your payroll is a big job. You have to prepare, report and distribute payroll, and then there's your employee tax payments. PNC has payroll tools - from do-it-yourself online processing to fully managed processing by third party providers - priced right for your business and designed to eliminate the hassles of payroll processing.
Start using a faster, more efficient and less expensive way to process your payroll from start to finish -- including payroll taxes and filing business tax forms and payments. It's a simple, secure and affordable online solution for your business.
It's a fast, affordable way to take care of your payroll, start to finish. One quick call, and we have your payroll checks and reports prepared and completed. Or if you have a PC, just log-on. Click - and your payroll is ready for signature and distribution, and all your reports are in order.
When companies offer Direct Deposit, 3 out of 4 employees use it. In fact, it's a staple in most employee benefit packages. PNC's Direct Deposit is safe and convenient for employees, and it's fast, confidential and affordable for you. Sign on and PNC handles the electronic transfer of funds from your account to your employees' checking or savings accounts.
By entrusting your time consuming payroll processing to ADP, you pass the responsibility for processing payroll to the expert. Simply submit your employee information to ADP, and they'll calculate your payroll, including deductions and withholdings for relevant tax jurisdictions.
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