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PNC's Funds Transfer Services offer a high speed, secure electronic payment solution that provides an effective, reliable way for you to send or receive payments needed for same-day settlement. This service also offers timely information reporting for a variety of payment needs - for small businesses to the largest corporations. 

Initiation options include:

Voice (Operator Assisted) - Dial a toll-free number to initiate domestic and international wire transfers and foreign drafts. A PNC representative prompts you to provide all of the information necessary to properly execute the transfer. And, using the same toll-free number, you can also inquire about previously executed transfers through our Investigations area or request changes to your existing wire transfer set up instructions. To ensure that all transactions are secure, PNC issues each client a Personal Identification Number (PIN) that must be used to initiate all wire transfers.

PINACLE Funds Transfer - The service enables PNC clients to initiate Fed payments, international payments in U. S. Dollar and foreign currency, book transfers, drawdowns, federal tax payments, and foreign draft issuance in both U. S. Dollar and foreign currency. Additionally, you can self-administer the set up of operators (users of the application) and the various functions that they are authorized to perform, as well as the set up of repetitive instructions online (real-time update), without the exchange of documentation with PNC.

Mainframe File (BatchWire) Transmission - If you routinely initiate large volumes of wire transfers, PNC offers BatchWire transmission. BatchWire eliminates the need for your staff to key input or to utilize voice instruction and is an ideal choice for clients with automated disbursement systems. PNC accepts several file formats for domestic and international transfer processing, including our proprietary BatchWire and PC batch formats, as well as industry standard EDI 820 and NACHA file formats.

Standing Transfer Order - This feature enables you to establish standing repetitive funds transfer instructions that can be automatically initiated and released for processing. When establishing a Standing Transfer Order, you determine the criteria for the transfer, including the amount, the debit and credit accounts, execution frequency (i.e. daily, weekly, biweekly or monthly) and duration. After these instructions are established, the funds are automatically transferred until your standing order expires or you notify us otherwise.

Incoming Wire Transfer Instructions - Incoming wire transfers must be sent to the correct PNC Bank ABA routing number assigned to your geographic location to be credited to your PNC account. Use our  Incoming Wire Transfer Tool to obtain correct wiring instructions for funds being sent to your PNC account(s). Enter the first two digits of a PNC account into the tool, and it provides the corresponding incoming wire instructions.

SWIFT - If your company works with multiple banking partners, each with proprietary connections and/or systems to send and receive and access your banking information, SWIFT can help you control risks, reduce costs and have better visibility of funds globally.

Learn more about SWIFT.

Enroll for Outgoing Wire Transfer payments
Get all the details about enrolling in PNC Bank's Wire Transfer services for outgoing business wire transfers. Contact a PNC Business Banker, or call us at 800-762-5684 between the hours of 7:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m., ET, Monday through Friday and 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., ET, Saturday and Sunday, to discover how this service could work for your business.