Small Business
Small Business
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Understanding Cash Flow
The most intense, anxious and anguishing moments of your career as a small business owner won't be about not making a profit - they will be about being out of cash. Manage your business to be profitable, but operate it to maximize cash flow.

To do that, you must be able to prepare for the cash peaks and valleys that all businesses experience. It is critical to analyze your business cash flow cycle and devise a plan to ensure that you have the operating funds you need for a the successful operation of your business

This online interactive workshop provides in-depth strategies and solutions to help you understand the importance of your business cash flow and learn ways to manage it for better profitability. Workshop is available 24/7 at no charge.
Seven ways you can help keep cash flowing positively for your business.
Since the key to all positive cash flows is to keep money coming into a business faster than it's going out, then any method that enables you to get your payments into your working cash fund faster is a good idea.
Nobody wants to talk - let alone think about - worst-case scenarios. But while risk is as much a part of the business environment as employees, equipment and estimates, there are a wide variety of products and services that can help you manage your risk and protect you from potential cash flow problems associated with it.