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Print Fraud
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Newspapers and magazines are often used to commit print fraud.  Thieves will place fraudulent ads - some using logos of companies you know and trust - and encourage individuals to call to get more information.  Many of these ads offer deals on debt consolidations and mortgage refinancing, or encourage you to use the services provided by small businesses.

If you call the number in the ad, thieves may ask you for credit card numbers, bank or mortgage account numbers, your Social Security Number or your date of birth.

If you respond to an ad from a magazine or a newspaper, do not provide information and hang up:

  • if you are asked for your Social Security Number, credit card numbers, bank account numbers or date of birth over the phone.
  • if you are pressured to make a decision immediately.
  • if you are asked to send in a payment or a deposit in order to approve a loan.

Remember, PNC Bank representatives will NEVER ask you for any credit card or account information, other than information to identify you, such as the date of your last deposit or your Mother's maiden name, over the phone.