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Offline Fraud
Although the internet is a growing channel for fraudulent activity, offline fraud remains the greatest threat. The most common types of offline fraud include credit card fraud, phone solicitations, print fraud, check scams and mail fraud.
Credit card fraud is quickly becoming one of the most common crimes. Like other types of fraud, thieves steal your credit card information and use it to complete fraudulent transactions or to obtain credit in your name.
The growth in phone fraud has prompted many states to adopt "Do Not Call" legislature. As in other fraud crimes, thieves pose as a familiar business or individual and are looking for unsuspecting individuals who will give them important information, like Social Security Numbers, dates of birth, credit card numbers or bank account numbers.
Print fraud is committed when criminals place ads in printed materials such as newspapers and magazines in an attempt to obtain personal information.
Check scams range from grabbing checks from mailboxes to fraudulent sweepstakes or contests where victims are asked to send in a check to claim their winnings.
Thieves commit mail fraud by stealing mail out of your mailbox then using it for a variety of crimes including taking over your bank account.