Diversity & Inclusion
Diversity and Inclusion
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Commitment to Diversity and Inclusion

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Recognizing the collective strength of a diverse workforce that serves an increasingly diverse marketplace makes good business sense for PNC, providing opportunities for continued growth.

As one of seven core values at PNC, the company's commitment to diversity begins with President and Chief Executive Officer William S. Demchak, who chairs the Corporate Diversity Council. This Council champions the integration of diversity and inclusion into all PNC business practices.

In 2009, PNC named Marsha Jones as chief diversity officer to lead its diversity and inclusion initiatives.

Jim Rohr

Great companies bring together people with diverse points of view, backgrounds and experiences.

At PNC, we recognize the value of emphasizing diversity and inclusion. It helps us compete for top talent and more closely reflect the communities we serve. It leads to deeper relationships with our customers and vendors, which drives growth and efficiency. Perhaps most important, it positions us better for ongoing success as changing demographics continue to shape our country. 

For all of these reasons we will continue to demonstrate our commitment to a vision with diversity and inclusion at its core. Our future depends on it.

William S. Demchak
President and Chief Executive Officer

Marsha Jones

At PNC, we recognize that our people represent our strongest competitive advantage and our greatest sustainable resource. For this reason, we view diversity as a core value and a business imperative. Diversity and inclusion produce an engaged workforce that more closely mirrors the markets PNC serves, better positioning us to anticipate and meet customer needs.

By fostering an inclusive culture, our employees feel valued and empowered to focus on their strengths, honor their differences, and celebrate their contributions. The more successful we are at fully engaging our employees, the more successful we will be in meeting the needs of our customers, communities and shareholders.

Marsha Jones
Chief Diversity Officer