Corporate & Institutional
Using I-Link

I-Link is easy to use and provides online access to your account information seven days a week, 24 hours a day. In addition to giving you online access to your statements, I-Link allows you to run customized inquiries on your account's Positions, Transaction History, Tax Lots, and Cash Projections.

Select a link below to view the I-Link User Demonstrations.

How to navigate in I-Link.

Account List
How to create a user-defined account group.

Positions, Transactions, Tax Lots, and Cash Projections
How to view reports for Positions, Transactions, and Tax Lots. Also includes how to change a projected date and run a cash projection.

Customizing Reports
How to format, sort, and filter your reports. Explains field selections and how to schedule reports.

How to view a statement and explains the types and purpose of statements.

Securities, Dashboard, and E-Reports Explorer
Menu options for Securities Explorer, and Dashboard Explorer. Also shows how to view a scheduled report in the E-Reports Explorer.