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From managing the risk, financing and paperwork associated with trade transactions to remitting cash balances and establishing local banking services, PNC offers a comprehensive range of international solutions to help your company operate around the world. Whatever the breadth and depth of services your business needs, our powerful solutions can make your international transactions more efficient and secure.

International Cash Management Services
If you have international receivables and payables, PNC has powerful tools that can improve cash flow between your accounts. With $ 53.5 billion of transfer activity every day and over 6.84 million wire transfers a year, we're a world leader in advanced electronic funds transfer services.

Import and Export Services
PNC's import and export services support and simplify your international commercial goods purchases and sales. Our range of services can streamline document exchange, reduce payment or collection risks, and facilitate your financial transactions almost anywhere in the world.

Trade Finance
PNC's Trade Finance expertise can help your export business, even in tough market conditions. Using public and private insurance programs, we can put together the financing package you need to complete your sale.

Foreign Exchange and Hedging Services
From simply initiating and paying for foreign exchange transactions via the Internet to obtaining foreign currency loans, transferring funds globally and hedging foreign exchange risk, PNC offers the tools and the experience to help you achieve your goals.

International Correspondent Banking
With a network of correspondent banks worldwide, PNC can help you manage your overseas banking needs. We're always working to strengthen our relationships with a wide range of international financial institutions.

SWIFT enables its users to exchange automated, standardized financial information securely and reliably, thereby lowering costs, reducing operational risk and eliminating operational inefficiencies. Whether you are considering the use of SWIFT FileAct to fulfill your company's file transmission connections or simply need prior and/or current day account reporting via SWIFT Statements, as an active member of SWIFT, PNC can provide those services.

Online Services
Conducting business overseas is never simple. Whether you're an importer or an exporter, you expend a great deal of time and resources on document and transaction management. That's why PNC has developed a set of online resources to help you manage these processes more efficiently.

PNC Ideas
Whether your company is looking to expand overseas, or has extensive international operations, PNC offers a comprehensive library of articles, videos and webinar replays designed to help you maximize the potential of your international operations. Topics are updated regularly and include U.S. and international economic updates, currency and interest rate hedging strategies and help in navigating international markets. Visit

Trade Finance and certain other services subject to credit approval.

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