Personal Finance
Personal Finance
The Wealth Planning Group advises PNC Wealth Management clients on a wide range of complex estate and financial planning issues, and offering sound and innovative solutions. The Group also works closely with numerous trust, investment, and banking advisors within PNC Wealth Management, one of the largest trust and investment managers in the United States.

With wealth planners located across PNC's geographic footprint, the Planning Group relies on its wealth planners' extensive experience, state-of-the-art software and planning tools, and extensive research capabilities.
Establishing a trust can be an excellent way to safeguard your assets. PNC Advisors can structure solutions that will provide a tax-efficient way to pass on a financial legacy, safeguard assets against legal claims, or offer you a tax-advantaged way to manage certain types of assets. Speak to one of our trust experts to see what type of solution might be right for you.
You've worked hard over your lifetime to build and maintain your assets, and you want control over how those assets are passed on after you're gone. Without an appropriate estate plan, taxes and other liabilities can decimate the legacy you leave behind. Let our estate planning professionals ensure that your wishes are carried out.
No matter what your age, it's never too early to begin planning for a comfortable retirement. Today we live longer than ever, and retirement can last 20 to 30 years or more. We can help you develop an overall strategy to help you meet your retirement savings goals and maximize the value you derive from IRAs, 401(k) plans and company pension plans.
Sound financial planning is the foundation for successful wealth management. Many financial advisors offer planning services, but how do you know whom to trust? At PNC, we have more than 150 years of experience in helping wealthy families plan for their financial future. We build relationships with each client that are focused on the long-term, and we take every step possible to ensure that we understand your needs, circumstances, values and goals. If you're looking for a true partner in your financial success, PNC Advisors can offer the personalized attention and sophisticated products and services you need to meet all of your goals.
As a business owner, you have specialized financial planning requirements. You need a wealth management strategy that will not only help secure your family's financial future, but also answer the question of what will happen to your business when you choose to take a less active role. A business succession plan can help you ensure that your business continues successfully and your financial goals are met.
Among our clients with significant assets, charitable giving is frequently emphasized as one of their most important financial goals. As part of your wealth management strategy, we can help you develop and achieve goals reflecting your philanthropic interests and integrate your charitable giving into your financial plan.
It is becoming increasingly popular for companies to award stock options as part of employee compensation, and senior executives, in particular, can accumulate large positions in company stock options. Indeed, many senior executives may find that a significant portion of their wealth is tied up in options, which may pose more risk than they are willing to bear.
Wealth affords many opportunities, but it can also create enormous challenges. The more wealth your family accumulates, the more you need a comprehensive approach that will speak to the myriad choices you face in managing your wealth. Many families, like yours, with significant assets turn to PNC Wealth Management for sophisticated solutions that help meet the complex needs of your individual situation.