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Protecting Your Identity
(About Identity Theft)

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The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) reports that identity theft complaints have increased exponentially over the past five years. Of those complaints, credit card fraud (28%) was the most common, followed by phone or utilities fraud (19%), bank fraud (18%), and employment fraud (13%).

Sometimes called "true name fraud" or "account takeover fraud," identity theft occurs when someone steals key pieces of personal information, such as a name, driver's license, Social Security Number or account number, and uses them fraudulently.

Identity thieves may open new accounts, apply for credit, drain existing accounts and run up bills - under your name. Needless to say, this can wreck victims' credit history, leaving them with the burden of having to clear their name.

Personal information can be stolen from anywhere - outside mailboxes and dumpsters, telemarketing scams, computer hacking, and sometimes thieves bribe retailers or other institutions to copy down information about customers.

For Victims of Identity Theft

PNC Customers

If you are a victim of identity theft, it's important that you take action immediately. If you have accounts at PNC, contact your branch or account representative, or call our toll-free number 1-888-PNC-BANK right away to report the situation. Also, you might want to check the following for activity:

  • Customer Activity Log
  • Customer Account Record

If your PNC Bank personal checking account is enrolled in our Identity Theft Reimbursement Protection program, contact the AIG Customer Fraud Assistance line for step-by-step instructions on filing an Identity Theft reimbursement claim: 1-866-IDHELP2 (434-3572).

General Information

As soon as you suspect you are a victim of identity theft, contact your bank(s) and card issuer(s) immediately so that:

  • Access to your valid accounts can be protected
  • Stop payment orders can be placed on missing or unauthorized checks, and Personal Identification Numbers (PINs) and online passwords can be changed
  • New accounts can be opened, if necessary

Keep a record of all conversations and correspondence. Be sure to tell the bank or card issuer about all accounts and/or cards potentially affected, such as ATM cards, check (debit) cards, credit cards and phone cards.

Contact the major check verification companies to request they notify retailers not to accept checks on affected accounts. Three of the check verification companies that accept reports of check fraud directly from consumers are:

  • Telecheck (800) 710-9898
  • International Check Services (800) 631-9656
  • Equifax (800) 437-5120 1

The form below can be used to report information to many organizations and simplify the process of disputing charges with companies where a new account has been opened in your name:

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