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Government Grants for Employee Training

Yes, opportunities to obtain funding for employee training do exist; here's where to look.

Want to offer training courses to your employees? Your firm may be eligible for government grants to help defray some or all of the costs. These grants, provided mostly by the U.S. Department of Labor Employment and Training Administration, are distributed at the state and local level. The key is to identify those programs aimed at your industry or region.

Think Locally
First, visit to view the categories of grants available. The next step is to contact your state or local public workforce center. (Find the site closest to your firm at These centers, called One-Stop centers, Job Service centers or similar names, administer a variety of employment and training resources for businesses. For example, one Midwestern state's Job Skills Partnership program provides matching funds to businesses that work with educational institutions to pilot innovative training approaches to their workforce.

You can also reach out to the National Association of Workforce Boards (, a membership organization for Workforce Investment Board members that can be a source of general information about the types of grants available at the state and local levels.

Go Back to School
The nation's network of community colleges and public universities are part of the federally funded public workforce system designed to support economic development, including working with businesses to ensure their employees have the training they need for your firm to expand and grow. Contact your local community college to find out if they can provide low-cost training for employees or if they can put you in contact with other businesses that could share in the cost of hiring a training firm. Even if the community college or university is unable to provide funding, they can typically offer assistance or training in grant writing.

It may take a bit of digging to uncover government grants for education and training, but the funds are out there if you do your homework.


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