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Online Video as a Marketing Strategy

Set the stage for success and reel in the customers.

According to YouTube, users view more than 4 billion hours of videos each month. Tap into the popularity of online videos to reach more customers and grow your business. Here?s how to get some screen time.

Look Sharp
Would you wear sweatpants to a client meeting? Of course not. So don't use your phone's low-quality camera to shoot videos. You don't need to break your budget on a video camera, but be prepared to spend several hundred dollars for quality equipment. If you don't want to make the investment, rental agencies can supply you with video equipment for less than the cost of ownership.

Set the Stage
The beauty of self-publishing videos is that you can shoot them from anywhere--but choose your surroundings carefully. Make sure your location is well-lit and free of clutter and distractions. Review the video before uploading it to ensure that random distractions didn't make it into the shot; listen for little to no ambient noise; and check that you've kept hand and body movements to a minimum. Get a second opinion from a friend, colleague or even a family member.

Make it Exciting
Content may be king, but presentation is critical. Keep your delivery conversational, and change your voice inflection. Don't be afraid to inject some personality. Use visual aids if appropriate, but ensure the viewer can see them clearly. Make your point(s) within three to five minutes, and end the video by thanking the audience. Record several versions and select the best one.

Promote Your Video
To get the most mileage from the footage, provide links to your videos on your website's home page, and embed links into customer and prospect email communications. Post links on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and other social networking sites; iTunes is also great place to post a video podcast. If you post your video on YouTube, don't forget to add a title and brief description of the video, as well as a link to your website so viewers can click it for more information.


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