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Bringing the Best Talent to Your Firm

Pair smart networking with attractive compensations to attract prime candidates.

How can your law firm ensure it has optimal access to top pools of talent? It starts with professionalizing your recruiting processes.

Look Ahead

Ideally, recruiting is an ongoing process that creates a pipeline of potential hires. Identify skills and expertise your firm will require in the next two to three years. It may make sense to develop those skills in-house. If you wait until you actually need those skills, you may be rushed into making a bad hiring decision.

Involve Your Employees

The employees you already have likely know of others like them--from school, professional organizations or even volunteer activities. Your employees also understand the firm's culture and can identify those who would be a good fit. Encourage employees to participate in industry organizations in which they can meet potential hires.

It's likely the most talented employees are already employed, so you'll need to meet them at places where they gather. Consider speaking or exhibiting at professional events to develop relationships.

Formalize a rewards-based referral program and offer significant compensation if you hire an employee's referral. A $10,000 finder's fee is not unheard of.

Become an Employer of Choice

Just as you've spent time and money marketing your firm to clients, you should market your firm to potential employees. Be clear about why a candidate should join your firm. Consider engaging a recruitment consultant to help you determine the specific qualities and competencies you want to attract, and then design a recruitment plan that speaks to those candidates. The plan may rely on social media; consider networking through LinkedIn, updating the career section of your website or posting YouTube videos about what it's like to work at your firm.

While compensation is important, top talent also values non-monetary compensation, such as a clear career path, professional recognition, opportunities for additional training, engaging work and an appropriate work-life balance. The combination of these perks and a competitive--or slightly higher--salary may sway a top candidate to join your firm.


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