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Track Billable Hours with Mobile Apps

Stay on top of business whenever and wherever to keep cash flow fluid.

With many professionals working remotely, it's likely that at least some of your employees' business occurs outside office walls. A mobile device can be a valuable aide for logging billable hours or client-related expenses.

Most mobile time-tracking applications sync with an online version of their software. Some allow employees to enter data without a network connection, while others require employees to log in to the system. Here are a few apps that can help employees keep an accurate log of work activities wherever they are.


Designed for professionals who track time and send invoices, Timewerks allows you to track multiple projects and clients, add notes, and create, email and print HTML or PDF invoices with your firm?s logo. A built-in stopwatch times your work for individual projects and customizes billing rates for different types of tasks. Since all records are stored on the device, you can update and view data without a network connection.

ClockedIn 2

ClockedIn 2 includes timekeeping functions that allow you to update completed tasks, assign tasks to a project and push completed tasks to your address book. The app does not include invoicing or billing but boasts simplicity, ease of use and an intuitive graphical user interface.

Time Card

This basic app functions as a timer and records hours worked, mileage and earnings. Employees can email their timesheets in CSV format and back up their data to an SD card.

TimeClock - Time Tracker

TimeClock allows employees to track hours and expenses, as well as generate invoices and spreadsheets. TimeClock functions as a standalone app, or you can sign up for a free TimeClock Connect account that automatically backs up data and allows you to view data on a laptop or desktop computer. An optional invoice feature is available. You can also export data directly to Dropbox or Google Docs.


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